Oh all right, let’s talk about that mural then

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by Martin Odoni

The largely-fictitious ‘anti-Semitism-in-Labour’ controversy is clearly never going to be allowed to die. I have no doubt more examples will be brought to public attention in the final days before the Local Elections in May, and most accusations will stem from heavily-distorted information, just as Mike Sivier can testify from what happened a year ago.

In case anyone is just back from a five-day holiday to Mars, the present storm of outrage is about a notorious mural on Brick Lane in London.


The artist who painted the mural is an American called Kalen Ockerman – alias ‘Mear One’. The mural is widely-held to be anti-Semitic in intent.

Back in 2012, there was a discussion on social media about having the mural removed. Jeremy Corbyn left a comment on the discussion thread defending its presence on freedom-of-speech grounds. This comment has ‘mysteriously’ been dragged into the cross-examination of…

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‘Trump is going to snap’: a rejoinder

Anyone who was at all ambivalent on the question of the climate now needs to see and reflect on the similarity between a government banning citizens from talking about politics and prohibiting them from talking about the weather. In response we have to overcome the social taboo on talking about Climate Change. Every time we change the subject we are cooperating with Trump and Pence’s agenda.

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Dear Brexiteer. What we need you to do now.

I entirely agree with everything this post says.


So well done, first of all. You listened to the arguments, the same ones I listened to. You heard all the same information I did, you listened to the same debates that I did, but you voted to leave. And you won. I take that – it was a democratic process and sometimes in the democratic process you lose, as I have done.

The referendum has activated the political energies of people who haven’t been interested in politics for some time, so we are told, and many of them are like you, who voted to leave. So here’s the plea of the losing side to you now.

Firstly, don’t stop – don’t stop with your political passion and activism, because we need you now. We need you to be active, we need you to keep talking to the people who you trusted with this vote, and we need you to…

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such a lovely post from Isobelandcat

Isobel (and Cat)'s Blog

It seemed people didn’t want to leave. I had been working and so unable to be in Trafalgar Square this afternoon, but I wondered if there might be some remnants of what had been going on, so I walked down from Green Park to have a gander. As I turned the corner towards the National Gallery I could see a number of police standing looking relaxed in hi-viz jackets.

The screen caught my attention. Thank-you Thank-you

People talking quietly; some on their own looking thoughtful; some huddled together silently.
Hope Hope Today I pledge... Today I pledge…

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One Per Cent

Isobel sums up the growing divide and the thinking that calls us all low-achievers unless we are millionaires.

Isobel (and Cat)'s Blog

There’s been a fair amount in the news in recent days about the one per cent of the population who are in key positions in this country’s government. They are those who are in order to ‘protect their families’ have been storing their money offshore so that their children will not starve as a result of their parents paying taxes.

Alan Duncan had to be heard to be believed. I wonder if he lives in a parallel universe. If so, I don’t want to go there. I happened to be trying to sort out a payment regarding the money we still owe for Mother’s carers while Dave was answering questions in the House about his own financial affairs, so the contrast between his tax evasion and our obligation to cough up every penny for services that fell short of what Mother needed felt pretty stark.

Now you may not have…

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