One Per Cent

Isobel sums up the growing divide and the thinking that calls us all low-achievers unless we are millionaires.

Isobel (and Cat)'s Blog

There’s been a fair amount in the news in recent days about the one per cent of the population who are in key positions in this country’s government. They are those who are in order to ‘protect their families’ have been storing their money offshore so that their children will not starve as a result of their parents paying taxes.

Alan Duncan had to be heard to be believed. I wonder if he lives in a parallel universe. If so, I don’t want to go there. I happened to be trying to sort out a payment regarding the money we still owe for Mother’s carers while Dave was answering questions in the House about his own financial affairs, so the contrast between his tax evasion and our obligation to cough up every penny for services that fell short of what Mother needed felt pretty stark.

Now you may not have…

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